Flexible multiplication tables (times tables), maths teaching resources and numeracy charts by Flexitable

Multiplication Grids now available in 10 x 10 format…
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It is vital that children know the basic principles of maths – how to multiply and divide, how to add and subtract – and Flexitable grids and multiplication tables (times tables) can help every pupil to learn and remember them.

  • Are you a parent who wants to help their children improve their maths?
  • Are you a teacher looking for a low cost proven maths resource?
  • Are you a Special Needs teacher working with Autistic or Dyslexic pupils who wants an easy to use manipulative product that also helps improve hand/eye/brain co-ordination?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then have a look around our site to discover more about our numeracy products including flexible multiplication tables (times tables).

What is a Flexitable?

Flexitables are no ordinary multiplication tables (times tables) or numeracy charts: they are tactile and made of soft flexible plastic. This low tech approach to maths teaching resources is an effective way of boosting numeracy.

The Flexitable programme consists of a multiplication tables (times tables), an addition, a number and a fraction/decimal grid all printed on soft flexible plastic that has vertical and horizontal channels allowing children to continuously fold them again and again. Flexitables have a far greater life than paper or cardboard products.

Flexitables are tactile and children love manipulating them when trying to discover the answers. Our multiplication tables (times tables) and grids are particularly useful for teaching pupils with special needs (e.g. Dyslexia) as they can be taught on a “one-to-one basis” at their own speed.

NEW Product Packs

Flexitable have now created a series of lesson activities which support assessment for learning enrichment and are linked to the renewed primary framework for mathematics. Products are supplied in the following packs:

For Schools

  • 10 pcs or 30 pcs plus the relevant 18 lesson CD
  • Starter Pack – 1 of each grid plus 72 lesson CD

For Parents

  • Single grid plus the relevant 18 lesson CD OR
  • Home Tuition Kit – 1 of each grid plus 72 lesson CD

There is a training video on each CD (3 on the 72 lesson CD) except for the 100 Square which is linked to the many books already available about how to use this grid.


A sister companion to our maths teaching resources is the Flexisound system of word charts. Developed from the same ideas as our numeracy charts Flexisound sets out spelling and pronunciation variations in clear, easy to follow charts on a soft plastic folding table. The folding action is an ideal aid to help learn the letter/s sound correspondences thoroughly. The sounds read from left to right. The spelling variations for each sound are listed downwards.

Whether it is multiplication tables (times tables) or synthetic phonics, Flexitable and Flexisound are an invaluable addition to the classroom and the home.

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All the materials used conform to EU safety standards EN-1 & EN71

UK patent no. 2 323 698 · US patent no. 5,997,305 · Made in England

Ofsted Approved

NEW 12 x 12 Grids

Available now!

Multiplication 12 x 12 Grid

NEW Product Packs

CD supplied with each grid

Parents Home Tuition Kit

CD with 72 Activity Plans

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